When choosing a pair of shoes for running or walking, not getting the right shoes for you is not just ONE mistake, it’s multiple. While wearing a shoe that is not for you, injury is practically dragging you from your shorts slowing you down. For example, it takes about 1,064 steps to run a 6 minute mile or in the case that you are walking the mile it would take more or less 2300 steps in about 20 minutes. With each step taken in the improper shoe that one mistake is multiplied by each step you take and it can lead you closer to injuries and unwanted pain, rather than the finish line.

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Every season running brands come out with new shoes, new technologies and updates. Which can make it hard and confusing sometimes to finding the perfect shoe for you. That’s why going to a running specialty store is the best option. We have the knowledge to check your foot width, arch, size, pronation angle and other details that will help us get you to the perfect shoe. By the way, helping you to that perfect shoe has no cost (hashtag awesome to that).
Here at No Boundaries our team will guide you to the perfect shoe with the right support, fit, and size that you need. You are welcome to come in or live chat with any of our experts. RUN WITH NO BOUNDARIES.