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It seems easy to choose a shoe for walking or running but we are all different and moreover too many different kinds of feet exist, and therefore there are too many experiences and brands to choose from.

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We want to help you to select the best, most durable, attractive and comfortable shoes for you, consider these tips when choosing the right shoe.

  1. Shoe length: there should be about ½ inch or one thumb’s width between the end of the longest toe and the end of the shoe.
  2. Socks: Try it on with your regular socks, avoiding those made of synthetic materials
  3. Try both: Put on both shoes and walk with them. Explore how they feel in both static and dynamic positions
  4. Listen to your body: Your body talks. The shoe MUST fit comfortably around your feet. You have to feel that it is not too narrow or too wide.
  5. Choose with the most important criteria FOR YOU: If you are undecided between two or more possibilities, use criteria like: do they adjust to your necessities, fit comfortably, and are the correct size?

There are other factors that you have to consider like categories, materials, your running mechanics, and the types of running shoes. But relax if you want to find the right running shoes for you in Miami visit No Boundaries Sport Stores and our team will always be happy and ready to support you.

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