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5 Golden Rules when Riding in a group on a road bike

5 Golden Rules when Riding in a group on a road bike

By: Karina Montes Comments: 0

Riding in a group can teach you a lot about cycling. In a few rides you will see how your tactics and technique are improving, how to brake- or how not to, how to climb and how to ride more safely.


There are some rules to consider though. We have been riding and learning for many years and our No Boundaries Sports Cycling team has compiled these golden rules when riding in a group.


Next time you take your bike and go on a group ride, you’ll know these basics.


*Keep your line. If you are talking, laughing and having a great time with your riding friends, stay focused and always keep your line. If you deviate too much, then your cycling friends will have to adjust their line accordingly. This can endanger your fellow riders behind you or other road users.


*Always look ahead. You can take in the view every now and then, but the road ahead should be your primary focus at all times. Always keep scanning ahead. Stay conscious because you’re moving at speed and an obstacle is easily overlooked.


*Standing up? Move over! When you stand up, your bike moves back a fair bit. There’s a chance of the rider behind hitting your back wheel if he isn’t paying attention.


*Be on time. It is very annoying having your cycling partners wait on you at the start of a ride. Who wants to wait for 15 minutes on someone who’s late? So please, don’t be that guy!


*Do not widen the gaps. Keep your speed as smooth and controlled as possible, as everyone is riding in close proximity to one another. This means no grabbing handfuls of brake or accelerating fast.


What are some other golden strategies that work for you? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, as we learn just as much from you as you do from us.



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