5 Healthy Habits for Runners

5 Healthy Habits for Runners

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For runners, repetition and discipline is the key to success, but also tends to be the root of an injury. Running unlike traditional sports is a purely repetitive movement. This means, you make a wrong move and it can lead to a muscular imbalance that is being compensated in some way and is stressing your body repetitively and incorrectly.


At first, you won't notice, but over time, if the little bugs are still there, you might end up with some painful side effects. It can be from leg cramps to IT band syndrome and hip problems. Of course, in a sport that requires much of your body, it's almost impossible to prevent injuries completely, but we can help to avoid them in a certain way.  There are several ways to improve your body to recover and to prevent damage. Here are five best habits for the runner to stay healthy during their training:


  1. Always start with a warm-up. The Number one mistake of runners is that they like to get up and leave. Of Course, it's very tempting and saves you more time, especially if you are on a schedule. However, warming is vital to avoid injuries, because you prepare your body for the race. We recommend jogging slowly for 5 min and then make a dynamic warm-up, that last 10 minutes.


  1. Any running program must come on hand with a strength program. When you run, you use the same muscle groups over and over again. A strength training ensures that the muscles that are not exercised are as strong as the ones you use to run. For example, many runners do not have the gluteus medius developed, which is something you can easily do by doing weights in the gym.


  1. Always have balanced nutrition. Food can affect your way of running. First of all, if you consider yourself a competitive runner of marathons or half marathons, you definitely cannot be on a calorie-restricted diet. You specifically will need carbohydrates in 60% of your caloric intake. If You eat a few carbs, your body will begin to metabolize fats and proteins as a source of energy. And Unfortunately, proteins come from your muscles, and you'll wear off your muscle mass. We are not saying to only eat carbohydrates like a pizza before running, but you need to make sure you integrate healthy carbs into your diet to have better results in your workouts.


  1. Rest is the key to keeping your body in order. If you are applying stress and exhaustion to your body, you will need time to recover. Recovery is essential because if you do not, it will accumulate and over time can cause an injury. There Are Several options of how you can rest your muscles, for example, a message with a tennis ball in the parts where you feel pain, massages in all the muscles and the best of all, to sleep.


  1. Know your feet. Make Sure you have the right shoes for you. To know what is your proper footwear you must understand what your tread is. All have a different foot and tread, which means that not all shoes are suitable for you. For those who are starting to run, we recommend that you go to a sports store where a specialist can help choose a correct pair according to your number of miles you run daily and tread. Make Sure the shoe is large enough (half size plus) and has to room for your fingers. Knowing this, if the shoes you are currently using are working for you and you don't feel pain, keep doing what you're doing. Just Making sure you have a new pair when you think your shoes are losing its structure.
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