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6 reasons and 1 tip to run the Miami Marathon!

6 reasons and 1 tip to run the Miami Marathon!

By: Karina Montes Comments: 0

The experience of running a marathon whether it is your first, the one that you are going to pursue as your best or whether you're running just for fun or for eating too much, can change your life! Miami Marathon is an awesome race and today we are going to tell you why:


  1. It is mostly flat, and a very fast route!

The course is USTAF-certified, it is mostly flat because we know that there are just a few bridges along the course with a very slight slope. It is a single-loop and Boston-qualifying course.

If you have been training hard for this marathon, or even the half, prepare to raise your hands up in the air and celebrate your personal best or if not, you always can celebrate that you faced (or survived) that challenge despite the results.   


  1. You will find all paces and all runners’ levels from everywhere.

It does not matter if you are a pro or a beginner, or and it doesn’t even matter if you are somebody who is pacing or sharing the route with a friend, these different ways to live through running and this multicultural way of seeing things differently makes you feel that all paces and all the reasons why you are running are more than welcome.

These reasons give a unique and interesting atmosphere to this race. More than being a race for natives of the state it is a race where you will find the union between doing something for your health and challenges and celebrating life in this tropical paradise with the most exotic climate.


  1. The medal, the medal is AMAZING!

It is so true when runners say that they will go and pick up the medal because they already won it while they were training.

The Medal represents one of the most important symbols for runners, looking at medals can bring back emotions and memories from years long gone. When you are chasing a big goal like running a marathon, you don’t expect less than a nice big shiny medal and the organizers of these events do their best to give us a smile when we have the medal in our hand!

Check out the medals for this year here.


  1. People cheering along the entire route.

The first half will fly by with a hundreds of other runners, yourself looking for the pace and the sound of the Miami People Cheering. Florida people change from being strangers to becoming your fans.

Does it matter if somebody is watching you while you are running? The answer is YES! And you have to believe us when we say that if you feel you’re being observed and encouraged, you performance gets better.

So prepare your best smile for people calling out your name, get your hands ready for hi-fives and photographers, the people cheering you is one thing that you will remember long after the marathon has ended.


  1. It is not a frozen, tortuous experience waiting to start.

There are some other famous fast marathons routes  with runners from everywhere but maybe they are too cold (especially for those who have been training in hot weather) or those marathons don’t offer the possibility of celebrating your medal at the beach!

The weather is something that we cannot control even though that affects the performance of runners, “it is what it is” but the good news is that most of the time the climate in Miami for this race is GREAT, it is not hot, nor very cold; it is cool enough to enjoy the race, this year a temperature of 72 F is expected!


  1. Beach vibes! After the race start the party starts.

As we said, the beach vibe it is not because you see the sea while you are running, after the race you can relax with some drinks at the beach, just as much fun as the run will be, you may want to look forward to the post-race celebration just as much.


Our tip: Just do it and ENJOY this amazing MIAMI VIBE.

For the past 3 years we have been there supporting all the runners and we are so excited to announce that this year we’ll be there for you.

 Join us at the most exciting health and Fitness expo in South Florida, it will be there Friday and Saturday remember to look for the big green balloons at the expo and we’ll be there for YOU.

See you there!


Picture by The Miami Marathon

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