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Do you want to train your body, mind and soul? …The answer is run!

Do you want to train your body, mind and soul? …The answer is run!

By: Karina Montes Comments: 0

If you are thinking about getting into a new fun sports activity like running, you have to read these tips that we want to share.

  • First, do a physical exam with a doctor before you start any activity.
  • Even though you are not yet thinking of running a marathon, you have to be conscious that the progress in this activity is not like a sprint, it takes time, and you have to be CONSTANT and PATIENT.
  • To be or feel patient you have to be open to ideas to train your mind while you are running, so you won’t just be training your body, you’ll be training your mind and soul too, which is pretty NICE, you are going to grow through the activity!
  • You can start walking, literally. Try running 5 min, and walking 5, another day run 10’ and walk 5’, then 20’ and reach more time running as the days pass, it’s going to be ok if in the first months you decide to have a run-walk-run. As soon as you are feeling more secure with your physical and mental condition don’t stop and walk, run all the time.
  • Get strong. Don’t forget to combine a strength workout in your routine. There are so many ways to improve your physical conditions. 3 times a week is going to be ideal.
  • Run with a team. It is going to be more fun if you are running with someone else and also you are going to challenge your performance when you find a partner, create commitment and fellowship during the training.

If you want to run with a group, No Boundaries Sport support Gables Runners, you can join us every Wednesday at 6 pm, we meet inside the store and then we go running or walking to the Golf course and back, it’s free and your condition does not matter, all “running level” are welcome, also every month we organize activities with our partners’ store and we are having great times with all our athletes!

Follow us on IG and Facebook: @gablesrunners for more information!

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