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Go Clipless, they said - It'll be fun, they said

By: Karina Montes Comments: 0

For some people, the idea of locking your feet into the pedals of a bike seems like a nightmare, but it has a number of advantages.


If your feet are attached to the pedals, you are going to feel more comfortable, you are going to ride more safely and also, your performance is going to improve because everything you want to do on a bike is going to be easier.


The best place to start is to fix the cleat under the ball of the foot and align it so that your foot sits straight on the pedal. This gives you a starting point from which you can make adjustments relative to any discomfort or strain you feel when riding. And if you really want to make sure your cleat position is dialled in, then get a bike fit.


It’s funny to say this but it is normal if you’re nervous about using clipless pedals, but we’ve got you covered and No Boundaries Sport Team has prepared these steps for you:


To clip:


*To clip, pick one side, and only learn on that side.


*Flip the pedal over; stick the front of your cleat into the front of the clip; and then push down to secure the back of the cleat. When the mechanism engages, you’ll hear and feel a click which lets you know you’re clipped in.


*Once you clip your first foot in, move the pedal so that it’s ready to drive downward and move your bike forward. It’s easier to clip in the second foot when you are already moving rather than trying to balance the bike while you clip in.

Practice unclipping while holding onto a fence, or in a doorway or narrow hallway.


*When you first start out riding with clipless pedals, you can make it easier for yourself by staying on level ground. It’s also good to have something soft nearby so that if you do fall, as most first timers do, you’ll have a cushion rather than falling on concrete.


To unclip:


*Pedal for a few rotations with one foot unclipped, when nearing a stop, you can unclip and continue pedaling with that foot as you slow down.


*Unclip your dominant foot before you slow down.One of the biggest mistakes is coming to a complete stop before unclipping. Once the bike is stopped, it will be much harder to balance. Anticipate your stop early enough so that you can unclip one foot.


To keep in mind:


*Keep it clean, don’t forget to look after your clipless system, a lack of maintenance could stop you clipping in or out smoothly and cause a fall.


If you have any questions about it, just let us know and we are going to do our best to help you with using such great accessories like clipless pedals.

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